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At the Foam Expo, we will be showing you our extensive line of industrial, medical, aerospace, printer, and firearm swabs. From over 3,000 different swabs we have the ability to apply, spread, clean, or collect materials. While working with a variety of different supplies, converters, and customers, we are able to take raw foam and transform it into usable, marketable, and unique tools.

As a manufacturer of over 60 years of swab development experience, Super Brush has the expertise to design a foam swab to meet your specific cleaning, kit, package, or application requirements.

Uncoated tablets can create dust and powder that will collect on sensor lenses. When this happens, it creates the signal to diminish the accuracy of applications. Luckily, Super Brush has developed precision foam swabs for cleaning photoelectric sensors. The foam in our swabs is adhesive and lint free to assure that no chemicals or residue will be left behind on laboratory equipment.