Super Brush is the leading global supplier of custom and standard foam swabs for the medical, industrial and consumer markets.

What started as a small business, it has turned out to be a company that serves the world for over 65 years. Super Brush is a contract manufacturer with experience: manufacturing, packaging, and shipping millions of swabs yearly inside the United States and out. We offer our customers a full set of end-to-end capabilities from concept development to shipping, with critical attention to the steps in between including formulation, testing, quality control, packaging, manufacturing, and filling. Super Brush has the expertise to design a foam swab to meet your specific kit, package or application requirements. 

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As a leader in the design and development of foam applicators and swabs, Super Brush has been the go-to foam swab supplier to some of the largest medical and industrial companies in the world. 

Choose Super Brush when you're ready for the design and development of your next foam swab project.

Why select Super Brush as your foam swab supplier?

• We have the right swab for the job. Having custom-making capabilities, enables us to better serve your specific needs.

• Super Brush is committed to designing, developing, and manufacturing the most effective foam swabs for the medical, industrial, and consumer markets to support our varied customer requirements.

• All Super Brush products are proudly manufactured, packaged and shipped from our US based facility of Springfield, MA.

• We are committed to customer service that meets or exceeds our customers' expectations, comply with regulatory requirements, and maintains the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

• Quality is paramount to customer satisfaction. In addition to sourcing high quality materials, Super Brush operates to the following quality system certifications: ISO 13485:2016 FDA Facility Registration Certificate 3008195902.

• When precision and cleanliness are important, our foam swabs are the best tool to get the job done.

Manufacturing, Packaging, and Shipping - Super Brush is your #1 foam swab supplier!


We can help manufacture your foam swab from start to finish 

Super Brush foam swabs are lint-free, unlike traditional cotton swabs, and can be customized with: 
• Foam mitts that are hydrophobic, hydrophilic, soft or coarse
• Overall-lengths ranging from 2-inches to over 100-inches
•Specified fluid delivery capacity
• Colored handles for branding opportunities


We have the ability to paper package your custom product

Super Brush has the capabilities to help you from start to finish when creating your foam swab packaged part. We have the ability to do the following: 
• Paper Package 
• Foil Package
• Film Package
• Retail Package
• Private Label

International Shipping

Fed Ex, DHL, UPS, Customer Carrier

Super Brush has a state-of-the-art shipping shipping facility that is capable of shipping your order to any destination in the world. We can work with Fed Ex, DHL, UPS or even your custom carrier. We can put together everything so your products arrive safe, secure and in a timely fashion. 

Do you have a need for a foam swab? Arvid Gogaj can help with all your International inquires. 

Contact Super Brush today to learn more about our International capabilities and how we can help you develop your next foam swab.