Aviation and Aerospace Foam Swabs by Swab-its®

Whether you need lint-free swabs for cleaning or a precision foam applicator, Swab-its® has the tool for you.

Swab-its NO FOD Swabs - BAC5000 Approved

  • Chemical Resistant
  • Can Be Pre-Soaked
  • Leaves Behind No Residue
  • Won't Harm Delicate Surfaces
Aviation applicators by Swab-its provide a diverse array of aerospace maintenance solutions. Swab-its® exceptional, technically superior, and quality products are perfect for touch-up paint, solvents, adhesives, lubricants and remove excess sprayed coatings, grit and particles from prepared surfaces.

Unique aircraft detailing applicators, perfect for removing excess materials and cleaning aviation parts. Lint-free, non-abrasive and resistant to most common solvents, these applicators combine convenience with performance.