Dental Lab and Mold Cleaning Swabs

Swab-its® Dental Lab and Mold Cleaning Swabs:

  • Most dentists use foam swabs on a regular basis. Foam swabs are used to apply anesthetic liquids to oral tissue and absorb excess fluids. It may be used to gently wipe away leftover amalgam material after a filling is placed inside a tooth.
  • The fabrication of a crown, bridge or removable partial denture requires the application of layers of porcelain or acrylic paste over a metal framework with a small spatula or brush (swabs). The dental technician then uses the spatula, brush or swab to trim away excess residue and craft the appropriate restoration.
  • Foam swabs are often used to collect buccal or oral cells to identify deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in laboratory testing. The foam is ideal for quickly collecting and releasing cells for evaluation.
  • Some swabs have tips that break off easily into specimen collection receptacles. They are also commonly utilized in pre-surgical disinfection and to absorb small amounts of bodily fluids during surgical procedures.
  • It is safe and gentle for everyday use on gums, natural tooth surfaces and dental work.

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