Printer Cleaning Swabs

Super Brush/Swab-its® have the printer cleaning swabs you need to maintain your equipment for clean, crisp images every print!

Wide-format printers will break down without regular maintenance

Our Lint-Free and Fiber-Free foam swabs are the best printer cleaning swabs on the market! Buy from the manufacturer and you won't be disappointed.

Printer Cleaning Swabs:

  • Clean Wiper Blades
  • Clean Capping Stations
  • Clean Printer Heads and Dies
  • Clean printers by Roland, Canon, Epson, HP, Mutoh, Seiko, Vuteks and Mimaki
  • Leaves Behind No Residue
  • Lint-Free

Don't let clogs or buildup damage your machine or ruin your images. Our swabs can be used to clean the wiper blades, capping stations, and printer heads & dies during routine maintenance. We offer swabs suitable for printer cleaning in 5 inch, 6 inch, and the ultimate 9 inch handle lengths. Our foam is soft, leaves no lint like cotton, and contains no contaminating adhesives.