Swab-its® Retail Collection. Find Swab-its® products in Walmart, Amazon, and big box stores today.

Swab-its® now offers brand new retail cleaning kits for Firearm, Cosmetic, Craft & Hobby, Pet Care, Household Jobs, Printer Cleaning, and Car Care. Currently, you can find our retail kits in Big Box Stores around the USA. 

All Swab-its products are washable and reusable! You can wash our foam swabs with dish soap or mineral spirits, let them soak, and dry them with a paper towel or bath towel. 

Here is a great example of how to clean our "Firearm Swab-its®"

For faster cleaning and drying use mineral spirits. Apply mineral spirits to the Bore-tip and squeeze/blot into an absorbent rag or paper towel. When the Bore-tip is clean, let dry and reuse. Using soap and water, squeeze and blot out any excess solvent or dirt. Next, wash the Bore-tip with a grease-cutting soap and warm water. Once clean, rinse and allow to dry completely. 

 Cleaning Firearm Swab-its®

(Note: mineral spirits work best on petroleum-based solvents, while bio-based solvents may feel slightly gummy if not cleaned with grease cutting soap and water.) 

Here is a quick video overview on how to clean our "Swab-its® Products"


Here is a quick video overview on how to clean our "Firearm Swab-its®"


Swab-its also offers private label options on these new retail cleaning kits. If you're interested in learning more about our private label options please email us today customerservice@swab-its.com.