71-7801-5 Micro Tube Swabs Foam Mitt 10mm Length with 1.9mm Width - 18in Long by Swab-its®


71-7801-5 Micro Tube Swabs Foam Mitt 10mm Length with 1.9mm Width - 18in Long by Swab-its®

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Brand New Tube Cleaning Swabs by Swab-its® - Micro Tube Swabs 5 Package: 71-7801-5

Foam Mitt:

  • 1.9mm (.07 in) Width
  • 10mm (.40 in) Length


  • 460mm (18 in) Long

About our new Swab-its® Tube Swabs:

Swab-its® Tube Swabs by Super Brush provide the solution for removing excess cutting fluids, dust, debris and cuttings from tubing. Cotton swabs leave lint behind and are not long enough to do the job.

Swab-its® Tube Swabs are quick and effective for final cleaning of industrial tubing (rigid or flexible) or for applying an even coating to hard to reach inner surfaces. Perfect for applying oils, lubricants, solvents and coatings or residue removal and cleaning verification of metal, rubber and plastic tubing. Lint-free and bristle-free for clean, non-damaging, splatter-free push-through or pull-through applications.

Why choose us?

About Super Brush

We provide foam applicator solutions for leading organizations across the industrial, medical, aerospace, printing, firearm and other industries. Our scale, scope and knowledge of foam swab technology and applications allow us to address and custom design solutions in ways others cannot.

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As a manufacturer with over 65-years of foam swab development experience, Super Brush has the expertise to design a foam swab to meet your specific kit, package or application requirements.  Let Super Brush assist in providing a critical component for your next single-use product package.

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